Are you a new shooter? Or a Junior who would like to learn from experienced shooters. Or perhaps don't have a firearm but would still like to compete? We will find an experienced shooter who is willing to have you spend the day with them, possibly using their own firearm and ammunition, scope etc. Or guiding and coaching you if do have your own gear. Learn the smart way. 

An extra payment of $25 will see you teamed up with an experienced person who will receive a discounted entry fee ($25) for assisting you. Or something else? How can we make this work for you?

We will attempt to make as much of the COF as possible accessible by quad bike. Much of the COF will also be accessible by wheelchair, so if there are disabled shooters who would like to "give it a go", let us know what you need and we will do our best to make it possible. We will need advance notice if we're to have a chance of making this work.

Following the 2017 events, there have been several articles in NZ Gun magazines. 

Check out;

NZ Guns and Hunting, July / August, 2017, page 40.  

NZ Guns and Hunting, September / October 2017, page 34

These will let you see what we're about. Come and join us for the next one.