Getting the best from your .22.

The biggest factor in using your .22 rifle effectively is to know what sort of ammunition it shoots best with. The only way to find this out is to test fire different brands of ammunition, and see which does the best group. Once you have found that out, you can zero the rifle and scope with that ammunition and then you use just that brand.

There are some shortcuts. For example, Marlin state on their website that all their .22 rifles with micro groove barrels perform best with CCI Mini Mag ammunition, and all of my testing has shown that to be accurate. Other rifle manufacturers offer various advice, check out the websites for the gear you intend to use. 

Different brands of ammunition will give different group sizes and put the groups in different places, so once you have found a brand of ammunition that works well in your gun, and you have sighted it in with your scope, then don't change ammunition unless you're prepared to get different results.

There are many ways of learning to shoot your rifle at longer ranges. Most varipower scopes, especially those with some form of ballistic reticule, can be used to estimate range and then compensate for height. Best suggestion I can make is to be familiar with your gun, scope and ammo. Ask questions, do a bit of reading. Check Simon Gillice's article on long range .22 shooting in NZ Guns and Hunting magazine, issue 147, page 86.

There are various apps for your phones / tablets that will give you all the data you want, for your scope and reticule, etc. Check out the Free Strelock Ballistic App for your device. Very useful. For about $15 you can upgrade to a version that does a whole lot more. 

There are plenty of other ballistic charts and tables available on the internet for most brands of .22 ammo. Various scopes (for example Hawke, NightForce, etc.) provide ballistc programmes which will be invaluable at getting you on target at longer ranges. Get familiar with the concept. It's not as hard as it sounds, if you get stuck, just ask.


Previous results.

The 2013 Jungle Lane event was won by Matt Ryan with 545 points. Well done Matt.  2nd, Gary Holder with 535, and 3rd, Andy Wakker with 530 points. 

Congratulations to the three of you, I'm looking forward to seeing you on the range again.

The 2015 Hangawera Jungle lane results were;

Open Class, 1st, Simon Gillice.      2nd, Christian Neubauer,     3rd, Nick Howells. 

Hunter Class, 1st, Simon Gillice.     2nd, Shane McLeod,             3rd, Braydon Calder.

Women Open Class, 1st =, Nicole McKee, Liz Armstrong,  3rd, Brereton McKee.

Women, Hunter Class, 1st, Kate Germanis,  2nd, Maria Jefferis, 3rd, Chloe Comer. 

Junior, 1st, Keoghan van Werdan, 2nd, Kate Germanis, 3rd, Logan Calder.

Senior, 1st, Jock Anderson.  

Very well done to all of you, the scores reflected some excellent shooting  All of the above shooters received prizes from our sponsors, I would ask that you personally thank the sponsors for their efforts and continue to support their businesses.

Benmore Station, 16th April, 2016. 

Open Class,    1st, Bob MacDonald.         2nd Andrew Torrington.      3rd, Nick Podovinsky.                            

          Junior,    1st, Thomas Were. 

Hunter Class, 1st, Tamati Washington.     2nd, Roddy Williamson.     3rd, Jordan Jenkins. 

        Woman,   1st, Kay Perrett.                 2nd, Laura Were.               3rd, Laura Spargo. 

         Junior,     1st,  Tamati Washington.   2nd, Charlie Wiedel,           3rd, Ryan Spargo. 


Mt Torlesse Station, .22 Jungle Lane, February 25th, 2017.

Open Class, 1st, Anders Gillies. 2nd, Bruce McBride.  3rd, Courtney Popenhagen. 

Junior, 1st, Eddie Suckling.  Woman, 1st, Courtney Popenhagen. 

Hunter Class. 1st, Jake Greenlaw. 2nd, Phillip Brown. 3rd, Iain macDonald. 

Junior, 1st, teg Nugent.  Woman, 1st, Hanna Krause. 


Mt Torlesse Station, NZ Riflemans Challenge.

Major Class, 1st place, Anders Gillies.

Minor Class, 1st place, Rob Lily. 

2019. Fortrose Jungle Lane, 23rd Feb

Open Class,   1st Anders Gillies   2nd  Justin Van de Sandt.  3rd, Megan Van de Sandt.

1st Junior,  Chase Van de Sandt.  1st lady, Megan Van de Sandt.

Hunter Class, 1st, Tamati Washington.  2nd, Brian Casey.   3rd, Iain MacDonald

1st Junior,  Tamati Washington  1st Lady,  Sharyn Price.

2019, Fortrose Rifleman's Challenge, 24th Feb. 

Centerfire event.

Major Class, Event withdrawn.   Minor Class, 1st, Anders Gillies. 

.22 Event

Bolt action class, 1st, Not competed. 

Semi auto class  1st, Harry Hoover. 


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