Once we have the Course of Fire laid out, we will e mail you a copy, which will detail the CoF. You will be able to print your own copy. It will show you the stage number and or name, the target type and approximate distance, and which direction it is in, ie. a compass bearing. 

The targets setup will be similar to previous years at Hangawera, Benmore and Mt Torlesse and 2019's Fortose event.  The following are just to give you an idea of what to expect. 


2.  "Hole in the wall". 

There is a large steel disc at approximately 100 yards, with a 3/4 inch hole in the center. You may fire up to ten shots and attempt to get one shot through the hole. If you achieve this, you (or your spotter) will see a light flash.  50 points for a hit from prone or sitting position, 100 points if you can do it standing.


3. "Know your limits". 

At 50 yards there will be 4 swinging steel targets, a 4 inch, a 3 inch, a 2 inch and a 1 inch. You will get up to 5 shots, the first being a sighter, then up to 4 scoring shots.Shot 1, 5 points for a hit on the 4" target. You may then carry on if you choose, and fire a shot at the 3" target, for which you will get 15 points if you hit it. If you miss you finish shooting and loose all your previous points. If you hit it you may choose to carry on and shoot at the 2" target. If you hit it you will earn a further 30 points. If you miss you'll loose what you have and finish there. If you hit it then you may choose to shoot at the smallest 1" target, a hit earns another 50 points, a miss and you loose everything. Know your limits. 100 points possible.


5. "Pop it".  

For fun only. At 275 yards there are a lot of coloured ballooons, which may be swinging a bit if there's a breeze. Nominate a balloon and fire up to 10 shots to attempt to hit it. Each balloon has some water in it to help hold it steady, If it dissapears, you hit it.  


10."Biathlon 1.

A biathlon type target, at 75 yards. When you hit a target, it dissapears and the target hole is covered. If you choose to shoot prone, you can earn 5 points for every target hit. If you shoot sitting, you earn 10 points for every target hit, and if you shoot standing, you can earn 25 points for every target hit.  


14. "Fly on the wall".

At one of the shooting positions along the course there will be a "Fly on the wall" target. This will be a 1" swinging steel target at 100 yards. You will be able to fire up to 10 shots with your spotter R/O calling your shots. 100 points for a hit, obviously nothing for a miss. Only one hit needed. There may be more than one "fly on the wall" event, and there may be more than one distance. 


16. "Gopher it".  

This shooting position will have 4 Gopher targets visible, one at 35 yards, one at 45 yards, one at 55 yards and one at 65 yards, the shooter will have a maximum of 5 shots standing unsupported. 100 points possible.


20. Moving Target, 1.  

There is a moving target event with continuous 50 mm steel discs running along a chain, appearing for about 6 seconds before disappearing. You may shoot from any position you like, prone works well. Either lead the target, or "ambush it", whatever works for you. target is 100 yards. Maximum oF ten shotsa, you only need one hit to score 50 points.  


25. Moving target 2.

Another  moving target, similar to the first, but this time at 50yards. Again, a maximum of ten shots, with 10 points for a sitting shot, or 50 points for a standing shot.  No Prone. 


28. Biathlon target, 2.

Target is 55 yards. You may fire up to 5 shots, with 10 points per target hit if you shoot prone, 25 points per target hit if you shoot standing, and 50 points per target hit if you shoot standing after having just jogged / run 100 yards to your shoot position.  


What to expect on the day

On arrival you will sign in, be shown the course of fire, given the stage guide and any other relevant information and a score sheet which you will keep with you all day. This sheet will be filled in with the waterproof pen you have with you, by the R/O supervising you. You will also fill in the sheet for the shooters or other squad members that you subsequently R/O for.

There will be a range and targets available at the beginning of the day for you to verify sight settings, distances, etc, whatever you need. But the longer you spend doing this the shorter your shooting time.

The Jungle Lane course will be well marked with a visible flag or marker at each shooting position. Targets will also be easily visible from each position. Some shooting positions will have a single target, some will have multiple targets. Although there are some slight uphill and downhill stages of the lane, nothing is beyond the abilities of an average healthy person. Ordinary footwear appropriate to farm and bush walking will be suitable. Should we have any shooters with physical disabilities we will make every effort to accommodate them.

Most (not all) of the shooting will be from the prone position. You will need either; clothing that is suitable for lying on the ground, or a shooting mat to carry with you. Your choice.

At most shooting positions the distance and direction to each target will be marked or shown in some way, probably written on the flag. Some positions you will have to find the target yourself.

Some of the targets will have wind indicator flags to help you, every shooting position will be marked with a visible flag which may also help you to identify windage requirements.

At some positions only one scoring shot is to be fired. This will be the first shot you fire. If you fire and miss your target, you may then fire as many extra NON SCORING shots as you choose, in an attempt to hit the target. However, I would ask you to bear in mind that the next shooter is coming up behind you and too many delays will really mess up the day for everyone. Have fun but be reasonable.

There are no time limits for your shots, but I expect each shooter to prepare for and fire his/her scoring shots with minimal delays. If you muck about too much you will still be shooting after dark after the rest of us have finished dinner.

Each shooter is responsible for their own Eye and Hearing protection, use and wear what you feel is appropriate for you.

Heaven forbid that we have any scoring disputes, but if you think you hit the target and the spotter doesn't, have another go, but be fair about it. We want you enjoying yourself and experiencing something new.