Range Rules


Shoot Rules and Conditions. 

All shooters must either have a valid NZ Firearms Licence for the firearm type they are using, and must have their licence with them, or (in the case of Juniors or non licenced shooters), must be supervised by a licenced shooter.

Speed limit on all Fortrose Farm roads is 30 kph. Station Staff and stock have the right of way under all circumstances. If stock are being moved, stop your vehicle and wait for station staff to give you the OK to move on.

Fortrose Farm is a NO Smoking workplace with a HIGH fire danger in the summer months.  Smokers may ONLY smoke inside their own vehicles, cigarette butts must go into the ashtray in the vehicle and be properly stubbed out. No ash or butts outside your windows. Definitely No Smoking anywhere around the Course of Fire. 

Dogs are NOT allowed on the farm..

Range Safety rules:

  • Unless actuall shooting or preparing to shoot, all firearms must be unloaded and MUST have a Chamber Safety Device (CSD) inserted and clearly visible at all times. While moving along the Jungle Lane you must maintain a safe direction with your firearm. At the completion of any shooting, the shooter will clear the firearm and insert the CSD into the firearm. The R/O at the time in your squad will verify that the firearm is clear to remove.
  • No firearm will be loaded at any shooting position until the squad Acting R/O is satisfied that the shooter is aware of the location and distance of the target, and the shooter is ready to engage the target, i.e. has an appropriate shooting position.
  •  Any Junior or Unlicensed shooters will be supervised on a one to one basis by their mentor and may not be left unattended with a firearm or ammunition. Any such shooters may use their own firearm and ammo, etc., so long as all the relevant licence rules are obeyed.
  • If you are a relatively new or inexperienced shooter and you DON"T feel confident about acting as an R/O, let me know NOW and I will pair you up with a more experienced person who will be happy to guide you. Squading / Shooting will commence at 0800, or once there are sufficient shooters present to make a start. 1st come, 1st up, except those who have travelled from far away and who wish to leave early to return home will be given the option of starting first.


First Aid, Safety and other Notes.

Fortrose Farm.

 Cell coverage around the Jungle Lane at Fortrose is very good for Spark, unknown for Vodaphone and others, at this stage. I'll update asap.

The clubhouse (the Palace) has a flush toilet and cold water shower.  The practice range will be located at the shoot headquarters and will have reactive targets for you to experiment on at a variety of distances. 


Specific rules.

You may have loaded magazines at any stage around the course of fire but they may NOT be inserted into the firearm until you have been instructed to load by the acting R/O in your squad. I'm not sure of the ammo count required yet, and won't know that until we actually set out the targets, I would think 150 + competition shots and as much extra as you choose to fire, lets say 4 boxes of ammo, or a bit more. Once you have finished shooting the COF, return to the shoot headquarters, hand in your completed score sheet.  

No particular order is needed along the Jungle Lane, you may move faster or slower than other squads, whatever works on the day. Leapfrogging past slower squads is OK. 

If there is any part of these instructions, range safety rules and method of operation for the day that you do not understand, please contact me for clarification well before you arrive on the day.

This shoot will only work if everyone pitches in and does their bit, makes sure that as an R/O they give everyone else the opportunity to do the best that they can, as they will do for you. Remember that this event is not super serious competition, it is designed to give you the opportunity to try something new and exciting, and probably a little challenging as well. It is also a social event. There will be prizes, some substantial, but at the end of the day it's really about you enjoying yourselves. I need you to have FUN, but do it safely.

There will be prizes for; Best score (obviously), best hard luck story, Top Man, Top Woman, Best Junior etc. The top scoring Junior (in either class) will win a new .22 Rifle, compliments of Serious Shooters. Other sponsors are NZ Guns and Hunting,  Gunworks, CNI Knives, Hunting and Fishing, Invercargill, Status Guns, Seathru Windscreens, ADI Australia, all of whom have donated some great prizes or support. You can't win anything if you're not there.