Event Info

Event Information

       **********   NZ RIFLEMAN"S CHALLENGE   **********

We have come up with a FUN, CHALLENGING and visually exciting day's shooting for you. This will be a once a year event, run in conjunction with the Jungle Lane Shoot. 

For centerfire rifles, any action type, Iron sights only. One full day, LOTS OF SHOOTING, Lunch supplied. This event is being sponsored by Canterbury Marine Stainless, who are providing the targets. See the "About Jungle Lane" page for more details.  

In 2020 we will also have a .22 rimfire event. Details on other pages. If you are shooting the Jungle Lane, why not come along Lunch is provided for competitiors, catering is by Glen, Fortrose Cafe. 


    **********   Jungle Lane, Additional Info   **********

    You will need to have some knowledge of where your gun shoots with the ammo you decide to use and knowing a bit about how to adjust the sights for different distances will be useful. It doesn't matter if you don't know this stuff yet, all you need to do is turn up and have a go with whatever rifle and ammo you have. If on the day you're not as successful at hitting far away targets as you'd like to be, who cares? Certainly not me. For some very useful information on how to shoot long range with a .22, check out Simon Gillice's article in NZ Guns and Hunting, issue 147, page 86. There are several different methods of figuring out how to adjust for long range shots, depending on your scope type, and your personal preferences. 

    These are walking pace events, no running or time based scores. The tracks are suitable for most people to negotiate, a bit of up and down, some steeper slopes to negotiate but it's all sandhills, you don't have to go uphill too far. 

     20+ shooting positions, with reactive steel targets which will be at various distances from the track, from 25 yards out to 200+ yards. Targets will be a variety of different sizes and shapes, there will be some events with single shots from any position, some with multiple shots from a variety of positions. 

    We can accomodate up to 80 shooters spaced evenly around the entire Jungle Lane, allowing 10 to 15 minutes for each shooter to walk the 100 or so yards to the next shooting position, do his / her range finding, check windage and elevation and fire their shots.

    What to Expect

    When you arrive at Range Headquarters you will be signed in, allocated to a squad of four shooters, shown where to park and directed to a start position. If you wish to be teamed up with a particular person or squad you need to let us know when you register. 

    You may gun share if you choose, all four persons in one squad may gun share if needed, as only one firearm in each squad will be in use at any one time.

    You will be following a "Jungle Lane" track, engaging a variety of reactive steel "swinging targets" at distances which will vary from 25 yards to 200 yards. As you follow the Jungle Lane, you will come to a shooting position, where you will identify the target, check out distance, windage, etc and adopt a suitable shooting position.

    The four members in your squad will all take turns at Shooting, Range Officering, Spotting and Scoring. If you are not comfortable with the range officer duties, please let me know when you register. If you have a firearms licence, you should be capable of checking that all firearms in your squad has a safety flag in it before you move along the lane, that it is safe to shoot, etc. 

    Each shooter will have a score sheet and a marker pen. At each event you will place a tick in the appropriate box, at day's end you will hand the score sheet in, and rest and relax, (or shoot some more) while we get the scores into the computer.

    I expect that you will spend around eight to nine hours following the Jungle Lane and engaging all the targets. We expect that your squad will be able to shoot 3 1/2 positions per hour, so with 1/2 an hour off for a lunch break, you should be finished by dinner time

    Final scoring and prizegiving will be at the end of the day, at and during the dinner at the Fortrose Cafe. If you are not present for the prizegiving, you will be notified of your score and any prizes you have won will be posted to you.